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Create your own wood slice snowman ornament
Crafts Do It Yourself

Create Your Own Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

Decorate your home this holiday season with a wood slice snowman ornament. This cute little wood slice snowman is super easy to make and rather cheap! If you’re short on money and looking for something meaningful to give to your family or friends, try…

December 21, 2016
Do it yourself Heat packs
Crafts Do It Yourself

How to Make your own Heat Packs

Heat packs are great to help you warm up on a cool day or soothe tired aching muscles. If you’re like me and always cold, heat packs will be your best friend. I keep one in my desk at work for those days my back…

January 10, 2016
Do it Yourself Christmas Wreath
Crafts Do It Yourself Holidays Home Decor

DIY Red Pearl Christmas Wreath

I love Christmas and getting festive! The more Christmas decorations the better! Christmas wreaths are a great way to add that festive touch to the outside of your home. After searching in stores and online ( for a Christmas wreath I started to realize just…

December 10, 2015